Casey Young serves as a mediator in Family Law matters. If you and your spouse are contemplating divorce, you owe it to yourself to explore mediation. Litigating a divorce can be expensive, contentious, and stressful. The court process can be slow and decisions can be delayed several months, if not longer. Casey has accomplished for couples in a few weeks what it would take the parties years to achieve in Court.

      In mediation, Casey gives each party the individualized service that he or she would receive from retaining his or her own lawyer. Casey’s clients settle their cases only after knowing all of their rights and unturning every stone; but the process is done privately, and on your timeframe, not the Court’s.

      Mediation is always the preferred method, and you owe it to yourself and your family to exhaust the mediation process before taking your issues to the Court.

      Our goal is achieving effective results for our clients in a cost-effective manner, and in maintaining long-lasting mutual respectful relationships within their families.